Q. How can I learn more about the services provided by Hudson Milestones?

Contact our Administrative Offices at (201) 434-7783 to learn more about us and to schedule a tour of the services that are of interest to you. You may also request a brochure on any of our programs by emailing us.

Q. What is Hudson Milestones’ primary source of funding?

We are funded by the Department of Human Services, Division of Developmental Disabilities, Department of Children and Family Services, Department of Health and Senior Services, local grants and private contributions.

Q. How do I get started, receiving services and benefiting from what Hudson Milestones has to offer?

Contact the Division of Developmental Disabilities at 1-973-977-4004 or visit their website at Division of Developmental Disabilities Home.

Q. What is Fee for Service?

For information on Fee for Service please visit the Fee For Service Implementation page on The New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities Website.

Q. What is the diagnosis of the individuals that staff work with?

The individuals staff work with have an array of diagnosis. Staff support people with Down Syndrome, Autism, Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities, to name a few. Staff will receive training and support on the different disabilities they will be working with.

Q. What kind of activities do the staff participate in with the individuals?

Our individuals enjoy many community activities. They enjoy the aquarium, the zoo, the casino and nights out to dinner. A recreation calendar is created on a monthly basis based on client input at the Resident Meetings.

Q. Do staff administer medication?

Yes. Most of our individuals take daily medication. Staff are to take an online class and have an in-person assessment done prior to administering medication. This is a closely monitored process due to the importance of the individuals receiving their medications.

Q. What are the hours staff work?

Our individuals require 24-hour supervision. This varies by program and location and is discussed on a program to program basis. The shifts that are offered in Residential are usually afternoon/evening (4p-12a) and overnight (12a-10a). From time to time we also require staff to cover day shifts in Residential as well, due to program needs. We do have Day Habilitation Programs that operate between the hours of 8a-4:30p. Respite and Early Interventions typically range case by case and can vary between afternoon and evening hours.

Q. What steps do I have to take to get my child ready for a transition to adulthood?

Ensure your child is eligible for DDD services by contacting the Intake Unit within your DDD Community Services Office. Also ensure your child is eligible for Medicaid. Then complete the NJ Comprehensive Assessment Tool (NJ CAT). You can complete the assessment through an online survey or by phone.

Q. What services will my child be eligible for under the supports program as an adult?

Services in the Supports Program are determined through the Individual Supports Plan (ISP). This plan is written by the Supports Coordinator in conjunction with parents. Services that can be part of the plan include Supported Employment, Day Programs, Assistive Technology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy among many others.

Q. Will Medicaid pay for my child’s room and board in his or her residential program?

Medicaid will only pay for services that are provided to the individual. Food, clothing, and rent are not paid by Medicaid. Under the FFS system, individuals need to pay for these expenses through SSI funds, earnings from employment or other resources.

Q. What is Day Habilitation?

In the fee-for-service system, Day Habilitation is a Division-funded service that will be available to individuals enrolled on one of the Division’s two Medicaid waiver programs, the Supports Program or the Community Care Waiver. Day Habilitation provides education and training to acquire the skills and experience needed to participate in the community. This may include activities to support participants with building problem-solving skills, self-help, social skills, adaptive skills, daily living skills, and leisure skills. Activities and environments are designed to foster the acquisition of skills, building positive social behavior and interpersonal competence, greater independence and personal choice.

Q. How do I get Early Intervention Services for my child?

Referrals for Early Intervention Services for a child under 3 years of age can be made to the Regional Early Intervention Collaborative (REIC) Service Point of Entry (SPOE) which is Northeast Regional Early Intervention Collaborative (NREIC) for Hudson County at: 1-888-653-4463.

Q. What is Hudson Milestones Early Intervention in a nutshell?

The Hudson Milestones Early Intervention Services Program (EIS) consists of Hudson Milestones practitioners of various therapeutic disciplines (physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, developmental intervention, and social work) and Interpreters/Translators utilized as needed, to serve child under the age of three who have developmental delays or disabilities. In New Jersey Early Intervention, the practitioner works in conjunction with a team, including the Service Coordinator, other practitioners, and family. The EI services are primarily provided in a child’s home or at their child care center, and each home session must include both the family and child in order to capture the natural occurrences in the child’s environment. Early Intervention Services are provided in a triad format, NOT 1:1. The goal of Early Intervention is to provide a service to the family that will help them to learn and be comfortable using intervention strategies, thus enhancing their capacity to meet the developmental needs of their child.

Q. How do I get respite services for my child?

Youth Respite Referral: To access Respite for anyone under the age of 18, they will need to be eligible as having a developmental disability within the Department of Children and Families (DCF) Children’s System of Care (CSOC) by applying online at http://www.performcarenj.org/families/disability/determinationeligibility.aspx, or by calling 1-877-652-7624.

Q. How do I get respite services for my adult child?

Adult Respite Referral: To access Respite for anyone 21 years of age or older, they will need to be eligible to receive services through NJ’s Division of Developmental Disabilities. Hudson County residents can call 973-977-4004 to begin the intake process.

Q. What are Hudson Milestones Respite Services in a nutshell?

Hudson Milestones provides respite services to youth and adults as a way of giving caregivers a break from the day to day of caregiving, as well as to provide the clients with a break from their caregivers, giving them the opportunity to participate in fun activities and develop mentor relationships. Respite activities can consist of recreational activities both at home and in the community, and educational activities such as homework, reading/writing, crafting, and learning/practicing activities of daily living.

Q. Do you have openings in your programs?

If interested, contact the Director of Day Habilitation for availability.

Q. Do you provide transportation to and from the program?

Yes, we do. We have a specified transportation catchment area that we service within Hudson County. This is based on the address of the program participant, the population density of the area and traffic patterns. This is discussed with the family at intake.

Q. Do the programs include community inclusion opportunities?

Yes, they do. The program participants engage in activities in the local community that include shopping at supermarkets, having a meal at restaurants and cleaning jobs offered at a lawyer’s office.

Q. What kind of program is this?

We are a Day Habilitation Program that offers many types of goals for program participants to work on. These include social, communication, safety, leisure, self-direction, pre-vocational, practical, community awareness and daily living skills. We also offer self-advocacy and music programs. Goals are discussed with the family and the participant at intake and are developed based on abilities and needs.

Q. Do you offer any programs on the weekends?

We have a Weekend Respite Program that operates 40 weekends a year. Weekend Respite offers support and relief for the family while providing the program participant with a range of community based activities. The Weekend Respite’s goals are to give the program participant a chance for increased community experiences and integration. Some of the fun activities offered include visiting local museums, zoos, festivals and sporting events.

Q. What age range do you serve?

The age range served in our programs is 21 years and older. Hudson Milestones serves individuals throughout their lifetimes, therefore the age range varies from recent high school graduates to those enjoying their golden years.