The Department of Quality Assurance was established January 1, 2016. The mission of the department is to improve the management performance level, accountability, data reporting, employee training, risk management, management effectiveness and efficiency of all departments that make up the agency.


The Quality Assurance Department completes an analytical review of operations to identify programmatic errors, ensure appropriate policies and procedures and data integrity issues.

The Department consists of a Department Director, Assistant Director, Quality Control Specialist, and Medical Compliance Officer. The Quality Assurance Department implements quality assurance to all departments in order to monitor program quality and contract compliance as well as suggest quality enhancements.

There are various aspects to the QAD. Some of the key elements are as follows:

  • Responsible for reading, knowing and complying with all appropriate governing documents in the administration of all agency departments be it contracts, agency policies and procedures, State and Federal standards, specific departments operations manuals and circulars both internal and external and the like.
  • Responsible for identifying deficiencies in departmental systems and policies, addressing them accordingly and ensuring they have been corrected.
  • Works cooperatively and collaboratively with the other department directors in the best interest of the organization and those we serve.
  • Provides direction, assistance and intervention as needed to ensure efficient and effective departmental operation.
  • Monitors the Behaviorist in the development and implementation of individual and program wide strategies, plans and training for the agency’s adult programs.
  • Responsible for directly or indirectly providing trainings throughout the agency to include but not limited to:
    • Crisis Management
    • Medication Administration and,
    • First Aid/CPR training for all new staff and re-certifications.


In short, the QAD is a support service to all departments which ensures Hudson Milestones as an agency is an effective and efficient organization for all of those we serve.