The Department of Residential Services of Hudson Milestones encompasses ten programs which serve the needs of over 50 adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities.

The group home and supervised apartment programs operated by Hudson Milestones provide a community integration living option for those who can no longer live with their families or on their own. The programs avoid placements in State institutions and are funded by the State at a fraction of the cost of institutionalization.

The programs provide around the clock staff supervision for the clients. A home atmosphere is maintained and assistance is provided as needed so that our clients can fulfill their daily needs and preferences. Medical care coordination, medication administration and fiscal management are additional services offered.

These programs are geared towards teaching the clients how to become self-sufficient in a number of areas. Most common areas include social skills, household skills and daily hygiene. Each client has a personal “plan” which is tailored to their abilities. Along with the educational aspect of the program, community integration and recreation play a major part in the total service of the program. Recreational activities include Special Olympics, museums, local theaters, overnight trips, dances and dining out at local restaurants, to name a few.

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Hudson Milestones’ Residential Services program, through its group homes in Bayonne, Jersey City, Kearny, North Bergen and Secaucus, enables fourty-two individuals to function in the community with twenty-four hour staff support.


Supervised apartments are a community residential service option which allows ten individuals more independence than group home living. This program is geared towards clients living more independent lives and focuses on more advanced skills such as finding a job, budgeting and building relationships.


The In-Home Program provides support services to adults with developmental disabilities who live in their own apartment or house. The amount of hours per week varies based on the client’s individual needs. Staff offer assistance in various skill development areas, such as activities of daily living, socialization and recreation.


It takes a special type of person to work in these programs. One must be adept at teaching, while patient in their methods. They must be able to see each step as an accomplishment unto itself rather than a failure to complete the “Big Picture.” It takes a strong, dedicated individual to make a difference in the lives of others. One only needs to look into the eyes of an adult who, for the first time, completes a task independently, to understand the true meaning of a reward for a job well done. Please visit our employment page to see what positions are available.